I Blogged Once

I started this blog last June in the hopes of expanding my horizons and pontificating about washing machine suicides. I didn’t run out of ideas, just motivation. The reasons for that I will keep to myself. I still write those awesome movie reviews on somethingawful.com, but you all knew that because I think we’ve actually hit maximum readership. I swear, I can’t go a day without at least ten thousand people asking me if I’m THE Ian Maddison. You know… the one who doesn’t like The Avengers. I always tell them the same thing: Leave me alone and stop touching my hair, it’s weird.

So after literally zillions and gillions of people have literally begged me to literally update my literal blog, I have finally decided to do just that. This isn’t going to be it. Don’t worry, I haven’t just decided to throw out a couple of hastily constructed paragraphs about my lack of activity. This marks the start of what should be a new wave of blogging from your favourite film critic (that’s me) and blogger (also me).


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